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How did the Cleveland Cavaliers win at crunch time?

24 June 2016

The National Basketball Association (NBA) season finished with a blast when a tight-fought Finals series ended in a deciding seventh game between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Both teams deserved to be there, and they fought to the end.

The Golden State Warriors set the record for the most wins during the regular season, so were looking to cement their place in the history books with a win in the Finals. It was a rematch of last year's playoff culmination, too, and people were tipping the Warriors to take the title out again - especially after Cleveland went 3-1 down in the seven-game series. No team had ever come back from that sort of deficit in the Finals, so how did they do it?

With your business coming up to the end of the financial year, can you draw any parallels with the Cavaliers? Falling behind the competition, and feeling like you need to pick yourself up will require some sort of boost before the next financial year starts, and business funding could be just that for you.

Making it count when push comes to shove

The Finals was a title battle of the greatest proportions, but one team utilised the pressure that the end of a season brings with it much better than the other. At important points of the Finals, the Cavaliers were clever tactically, and didn't let the pressure of a second consecutive defeat to the Warriors dishearten them.

According to June 7 research from Dun and Bradstreet Australia, business confidence has dropped significantly leading into the end of this financial year, and the election campaign is mostly to blame. At the same time last year, businesses were feeling good, and the Business Expectations Index showed 17.6 points on the scale. However, just 12 months later, that figure is now down to 10.7 points.

Take a note out of Lebron James' book and don't let the expectations of those around you dictate the way you operate. Digging deep within a business at a tough time such as this could help you to reap some very impressive rewards on the other side of it, and it could be as simple as ensuring your small-business finance is up to scratch.

Don't be like the Golden State Warriors and think you've got the market wrapped up, only to find competition catching up and overtaking you. Be savvy and contact Earlypay today to discuss the best way to end this financial year as a winner.