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What can your business learn from Novak Djokovic?

08 June 2016

Novak Djokovic became just the second men's singles tennis player in history to complete the career slam and win all four of the major tournaments with his Roland Garros victory over Andy Murray last week.

That's an impressive figure for someone who hasn't yet breached his 30th birthday - so how has Djokovic stayed at the top of his game for such a long time? Sound training, which has cost money, and an ability to look inward and see where he is falling down are a significant part of it.

These are principles that can be directly translated to your SME, and taking some time out to assess the situation on court before going for that ace will require sound business finance. That's where Earlypay can help.

One of the greats

Djokovic has been around the professional tennis circuit for a while now, and has an impressive 12 grand slams to his name, as well as notching up 730 wins along the way. Even with an established and lengthy career under his belt, the 'Djoker' doesn't look like giving up any time soon, and this is a testament to the work he puts in off the court.

Optimum Tennis suggests that when the Serb was going through a rough patch with his health, trainers put it down to external causes, without looking internally. A dietician found Djokovic to be gluten and dairy intolerant, so he altered his diet and was back on his feet in no time.

The tennis star had the mental capacity to look inside himself and realise something wasn't quite right, but had to look for the answer from another source. This is a principle that your business could benefit from greatly. If you are noticing something not ticking along as it should, then finding the solution needs to be done quickly. Having an external contractor - an auditor or advisor, for example - come in and help you set things straight could boost the business a great amount.

Funding for change

If you have the knowledge that something in your business isn't working as it should be, invoice finance is on hand to provide a much-needed cash injection. This money can be used to get your company back on track, or even push for growth.

You could use this type of business funding to provide training for employees. Djokovic is trained by Boris Becker, one of the greatest tennis players of his generation, and having been through the circuit and grand slams before, his experience is invaluable. The outlay for Mr Becker is proving to be worth it, as the Serb keeps winning when it matters!

Is your SME in need of invoice finance to make training and growth a possibility? Talk to Earlypay today and aim for the next grand slam.